Turbo I to Turbo II conversion

Problems: Solutions: Parts:

Intake: 1988 or later turbo intake off any model Chrysler car

Injectors: stock TII injectors or mopar performance 804 injectors Fuel Rail: You need the fuel rail and pressure regulator that goes with the intake you got

Distributor: If you have a 1985 car get a 1986 turbo distributor

Throttle Body: 1988 and on turbo blow through intake or 3.0 - 3.3 V6 multi-point injection throttle body Exhaust: 1988 and on Turbo I/II exhuast manifold, or grind your existing one. Computer: Turbo II computer Intercooler: Stock Turbo II/III/IV intercooler, aftermarket incooler, or Ford, Isuzu, Dodge Conquest, ect.... Wiring Connector: 1988 and on Turbo I/II throttle body connection and O2 wiring connector or get GM wiring connectors at NAPA, Car Quest, or other parts outlets Turbo: Turbo II turbo or modify existing turbo Airfilter: Turbo II or late Turbo I airbox or Cone style universal filter Miscellaneous:  Enough already! Let's get to it.
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